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Who is Mitch Rocket?

Mitch Rocket is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco, CA by way of Boston and the Ecuadorian Amazon. Over the years he has been a member of bands like Unscrewable Pooch, Roxy Rawson and the Rounded Sound, Cotton Rocket, d.mith, and Via Villa.

Drawing from a background in jazz saxophone and a deep love of the broad canon of rock music, he twists saxophones, synths, and strings together into songs that run the gamut from folk-rock to electronic jazz fusion. After emerging from the slumber of COVID with a full band of collaborators, live shows are in full swing and his debut album "Petting Zoo" is out now.

The Mitch Rocket band is Alan Onymous (Embrium) - Drums, Baylor Odabashian (Unscrewable Pooch) - Bass/Vox, Jazzy Geoff McConohy (Via Villa) - Sax/Keys, and Mitch Rocket - Vox/Guitar/Sax.

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